Dye hair care 10 tips Your hair natural not decoloring

2016-1-4 14:39:22

Hair color is a lot of friends in the optimization of hairstyle, but we also know that hair dye the hair damage is very serious, if not carefully nursing care on the hair after a deeper and bad influence. Small make up share dye hair care 10 tips, let your hair natural not decoloring.

1, pay attention to the usual wash with warm water.

Hot water is a major cause of red pigment loss, so the next time when shampoo, water can be slightly lower, the scalp can feel a little warm.

2, use the shampoo containing citric acid before dyeing.

This composition to remove residual dirt, protect hair from all kinds of pollution and damage, the stain before the state can also adjust the hair at the same time, make its dyeing effect more perfect. So, when you want to dye their hair, may wish to search for a shampoo containing the recipe.

3, to accept professional salon hair color services.

If without a good clean hair before dyeing, roots of new dye the hair will become dark, hair will turn yellow. In order to avoid the embarrassment of uneven phenomenon, we suggest or go to salon for hair care.

4, for red hair, makeup look good.

Red hair, in fact, can be divided into two categories: warm and cool colors. The red hair should match the blue that cool color moves, mei red, and like ruby red makeup look, and warm red hair should match the yellow, orange and pink makeup look.

5, careful heating tool.

In use, such as hair dryer, curling iron, or before straightening, remember to use first thermal hair care products. This kind of product will be activated after exposure to heat, so as to form a protective film on the hair. Apply a small amount of product on the hair first, and then use a comb to comb. We also suggest for the hair modelling, it is better to clip the hair partition, because very easy to make model in same parts of the hair repeated heating, it will accelerate the loss of hair moisture and stain.

6, with no sulfate and mild surfactant products can increase the durability of hair color.

Red pigment molecules is bigger, so after the hair color, hair pigment will lost more quickly. We recommend sulfate and mild surfactant ingredients of shampoo and conditioner can effectively solve the problem.

7, away from excessive maintenance products.

Too thick hair care products or make an overnight stay coverage of products, will accelerate the loss of pigment molecules. So we recommend using the soft hair conditioner, and avoid long time use after dyeing can let a hair "breath" of hair care products.

After 8, use special wash protect a product to keep the hair color bright and luster.

Let you don't have to go to the salon professional shampoo can also improve the hair color. It can make hair shiny and elastic, if you just want to make the hair radiant with low-key red gloss, can be this kind of shampoo and mixed use of daily use shampoo.

9, prevent ultraviolet light.

Suggestion choice with the modelling of SPF products, such as Kerastase sunscreen moisturizing spray. There are no rinse multiple products, sunscreen can also harm swimming pool chlorine, sea water, etc.

10, finally use spray increase luster.

We also recommend that often use spray to increase the luster of the hair shiny, try the rhyme of the ryukyu and color "l 'oreal Paris salon essence dew, rapid absorption and nourish hair, bring soft hair.