The study hair like love face love hair

2016-1-4 14:38:44

When a dresser with a one thousand yuan luxurious cream, you is like a pilgrimage sitting before the mirror every day take care of your charming skin, that lay in the bathroom 19 9 buy a send a wash are combined to sneer at you! Want to know the same piece of skin, scalp and facial skin is you differently, so it is no wonder that tsundere hair will be more and more...

All dry hair science's small classroom 5 minutes!

1 itself make up about 97% of hair is keratin, the main compositions of amino acids. It contains no nerve, no cell, so tell you to give hair like facial skin hydrating hair stylist can all blocked WeChat your circle of friends from you.

2 hair moisture content maintained at about 10%, and everybody think, is not the more the more moisture in the hair water embellish hair. Instead, moisture and excess water instead is a big culprit, hurt hair because the hair will be unable to close wool scales, lead to hair get due protection.

3 y the best solution is to cut it, the reason above, closed bifurcation from the theoretical level.

4 we work daily care, in fact, is simply by open hair shampoo, clean wool scale by closing the conditioner process again. See here, you should understand why cannot wash combined, which is regarded as "cosmetics police" hairdressing cosmetic experts Paula culture also thinks, shampoo is essentially a cleanser, and the effect of, only 5 ~ 6 kinds of ingredients, including about 80% of the water.

Its much-vaunted on shampoo your hair use for all kinds of advanced additives and effect is not big. Before the Internet keeps with the conditioner makes the hair with shampoo again first not greasy in front of this basic principle, basic untenable.

5 although hair is lifeless, but does not represent can literally it, because the scalp is alive. The health of the hair is derived from the health of the scalp, so when you are determined to want to be recuperated the problem of the hair, the scalp health should be you must focus on the core.

6 hair problem there are several factors, heredity and hormone level (including the postpartum hair loss) is the biggest factor, also due to stress or stimulation can lead to sudden surge in hair loss. How to judge whether his hair? Can pass through the scalp hair with five fingers together six times, if you have any hair hands with less than three times, belongs to the normal physiological hair, need not nervous.

7 shampoo water temperature is unfavorable and exorbitant, just 40 ℃, water temperature too high can lead to dry hair, too much stimulation to scalp.