Dry stick! Save cancer star who taught you how to use a curling iron

2016-1-4 14:42:59

Have to say, the curling iron is emergency! With good curling iron, however, is definitely a skill, method of volume of different direction and different size of coil rod, do you know?

Volume of water ripple


Ever feel very familiar with? Actually, I prefer to call it "egg rolls" cordial, han tying a favorite one.


Like ripples hairstyle, but long hair? Don't need to use straight splint on the clip, moire artifacts with the water.

Have to ridicule, here small make up in the hair, clip and along with the gender of the impending, so often appear the phenomenon of irregular waves. Advice when used as straight splint is one of the clip, or the middle of the two clip prone to wave not neat or direction is wrong.

Vertical roll



This is the most common one of the most convenient curl method, using tools are the side curling iron with a small clip. Curly hair when the hair in the middle of the place in the clip with a curling iron, hair end around the curling iron, clips, and then again along the direction of curling, middle to root part of the hair around the outer edge of the curling iron.

This kind of curly hair is the best master, because both sides of the hair will be heated (relative to no clamp straight curling iron, later said to), so convenient and quick to operate.

Thread volume


Have to say, thread volume is not suitable for face flesh girl. Can't, feel the whole hair were bursting, obvious fat small half circle on the vision. But if you're playing god face girl, this kind of curl is very exotic.


The hair on one side of the stick on the curling iron, and this method is the first hair with your fingers slightly round the twist around the curling iron on modelling again, because the hair is turned around and, when heated so the effect is the shape of the thread. This method is also suitable for people with natural curls, than straight splint, it can eliminate the more moderate natural curls, and bring you a different kind of roll degree.

Short hair volume


It is absolutely shawls hair restoring ancient ways is cafe girls love, method is first from the middle of the hair across his head hairpin go in (the same as the second direction), then turn the curling iron grip the hair end, the advantage is if to grip the hair tail hair end of injury is more serious.


So we use for the sake of protect hair clip in the middle, don't let the hair end too much heat. Clip after the hair roll up again with the hand, with tongs clamp, until the temperature down loose completely, such doing can prevent gravity under the condition of the hair still has a temperature the roll straightening.