The day is cold you hair dont snow

2016-1-4 14:40:10

If winter comes, the north started to snow, but your hair can't scurf fly!

Snow seems to be a very romantic thing, but in the winter of dandruff problem can not romantic. Many MM to a hair lengths but dandruff problem instantly state back to the hair. The weather is cold, dandruff problem increasingly serious, it is time to find a way to save your scalp!

Dandruff especially in cold winter. The reason mainly has the following three points.

1. The stimulation of cold air

The winter cold, dry climate, tend to decrease the sebum secretion of scalp, sebum production greatly reduce, the scalp moist composition is lower, nourish hair, stimulates the production of the dandruff.

2. Improper shampoo

First of all, winter than other seasons, the number of people shampoo will reduce, if long time don't wash your hair, easy cause all sorts of bacteria, especially when scurfy spore fungus infested, it can lead to the increase of dandruff. Second, continue to use skim force of summerly autumn season is more shampoo can also cause dandruff problem.

3. The improper eating habits

Cold winter, people tend to choose some spicy stimulate food to warm the body, but if eat too much, can also cause dandruff. Excessive drinking is also need to pay attention to.

So, how to bring some respite from the winter dandruff problem? Keep tuned to both.

Outside a

1. Wash the hair

Winter hair-washing: usually 1 week 1, 3 ~ 4 days to wash once when necessary.

Shampoo: choose to regulate the scalp, dandruff shampoo. Unfavorable use alkalescent too strong soap or shampoo.

PS: be careful not to burn a warm, with high temperature water to wash. Around 40 degrees with warm water.

2. Comb your hair

Has always been a attaches great importance to the man of knowledge comb my hair. Comb your hair can hairdressing not only, and is one of the brain health care method. Comb your hair in the morning and at night 2 ~ 3 times a day, can promote scalp blood circulation, increase the nutrition of the hair, is beneficial to the growth of hair, reduce dandruff.

Within the callback

1. Good eating habits

Attention on diet to eat more alkaline foods, such as kelp, laver. Often feed milk, beans, fruits and so on also can have hair care, hairdressing, reduce dandruff effect. Quit smoking, drinking less, avoid to eat spicy and fatty foods.

Regular work and rest, keep happy, itchy scalp avoid severe scratching and with a sharp blow wash.

2. Dandruff recipes

Vegetable porridge: "blood deficiency wind dry type"

Ingredients: 50 g spinach, 50 grams of rice

Practice: will wash spinach, cooked to astringency, cut the spare. Rice for net again, into the pot, add the right amount of water to boil to rice cooked soup thick, then the spinach in the porridge, continue to boil to porridge. Taken on an empty stomach, once a day.

Mung bean soup of coix seed: suitable for "hot and humid embodiment"

Ingredients: 200 g coix seed, 50 g mung bean

Practice: soak semen coicis soft and cooked, add green bean cooked.